7 Reasons to Consider Full-time RV Living

Living in an RV affords one the freedom of travel while still enjoying the comforts of home.
But the bottom line is that making the choice to live full-time in your RV should not come lightly. It is a definitely lifestyle choice. Whether you are thinking about making the transition or have already done so and need a little reassuring, these reasons might inspire you.


The Traveling is Easy

Traditional forms of travel are usually dictated to a limited time frame. By the time you reach a destination and get relaxed enough to enjoy yourself, it’s time to think about heading home. RV traveling is different because you are taking ‘home’ with you. Start making a list of dream destinations, you’ll be amazed at the places you can go! The RV lifestyle lets you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.



The most obvious reason people take to the full-time RV lifestyle is the freedom to travel whenever and wherever serendipity takes them. Stay as little or as long as you like in any one place without having to worry about hotel reservations, flight schedules, and all of the other aspects of traditional travel that trap you into a certain schedule. If it turns out your RV neighbors aren’t the best, you have the freedom to move on. But if find you have made friends, RVers often caravan to the next destination together.


Meet New People

Running with the point above, RV living is a great way to meet kindred spirits from all over the country, and indeed the world. Whether it’s just a friendly chat over a campfire, or hanging out together while at the campground, you’re bound to make fast friends that have the potential of lasting a lifetime. The RV community is a tight-knit one and we tend to look after each other in the campground, lending a helping hand when needed.


Changing Careers

The notion of the ‘secure’ job is all but gone. You may have a 9-to-5 job that is financially secure, but in this day and age, you could be laid off tomorrow. The workforce tide is shifting to remote working, whatever that may entail for you and your skillset. If you’re able to make a living remotely and have been eyeing the RV lifestyle, now’s the time. It can be scary to make that leap from a traditional job to a remote one, but when there’s a will, there’s a way.


Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

What to take an epic journey and visit every National Park? How about slowly moving your way cross-country and back again? What about a culinary journey through a section of the U.S.? The sky is literally the limit (even though you’re staying firmly on the ground) with your RV. Full-time RV living can open your eyes to possibilities and adventures you’ve never thought of before. Try new things and expand your horizons. You never know what your next great passion might be.


Simply Your Life

Living in an RV forces you to get rid of the clutter and have less material stuff. Many people realize that when they make the switch and get rid of most of their belongings, they are happier. Living in an RV means accumulating memories, not things. This is the essence of RV living.


Don’t Delay Your Dreams

As you contemplate the reasons for full-time RV living, keep in mind that none of us are promised tomorrow. Delaying dreams of having the freedom to travel often leads to not accomplishing those dreams. Because let’s face it, life gets in the way sometimes. Dare to live your dreams now while you still can.


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