RV Storage Tips - Organizing Your Space

Whether you’re living the full-time RV lifestyle or are more of a weekend warrior, organizing your small RV space makes living easier. By keeping everything in order you will help take a ton of stress out of your daily life and have a more enjoyable RV living experience.

But RV storage ideas are only as good as the philosophies behind them. You can absorb as many RV organization tips as you possibly can, but if you don’t put them into practice, you’re just treading water. This post will give you the why’s behind the what’s and show you that when it comes to organization in your RV, less is more.

Multi-Use Items for the Kitchen & Bathroom

Mason jars can be utilized not only for making preserves, but for storing leftovers, small items, and as everyday drinking glasses. When you get at least three uses in one, you are already winning at RV organization.

A good wooden cutting board can be used for not only chopping food, but as wall art, and as a serving tray. A dish rack that rolls up can be used as the obvious, but also as a drying rack for washing produce, and as a surface for hot pans.

For the bathroom, Turkish towels work great as shower towels, shawls, and blankets. Buy 3-in-1 soaps to cut back on the number of bottles taking up space in the shower. Keeping coconut oil on hand can be used for body lotion, cooking, and as a lubricant.

For both rooms, keep a healthy supply of S-hooks on hand. There are infinite uses for these, the least of which is to hang towels, produce, décor, and more.

RV Furniture

For the bed, a shelved headboard creates a good amount of storage space for books, tablets, gadgets, lamps, and the like. Search for accent items such as coffee tables, end tables, footstools, and ottomans that double as storage. Perfect for hiding away items so the place doesn’t look so cluttery.

Use Your Vertical Space

Stack it up! The key is to use every nook and cranny of your RV to its advantage. Use storage bins that stack on top of each other. It will free up space to walk as well as keeping counter and table space clear. Stacking drawers can be configured in a variety of ways depending on your space.

If you can’t stack it from the floor, hang it from the ceiling or from the wall (just make sure everything gets properly secured.) A popular thing to do is to buy a hanging wastebasket to place behind cabinet doors under the kitchen sink.

Put those S hooks in a vertical spot such as on cabinets or walls. This will eliminate counter and tabletop clutter. A stylish produce hammock or hanging basket is great for storing fruits and veggies. Use vertical shoe racks on the back of doors. Shoes are a huge culprit in taking up space in your RV. For the bathroom, buy a shower caddy to hold all of your toiletry items.

Nesting pots, pans, and measuring cups that stack into each other saves a ton of space in your RV kitchen. Collapsible colanders are a genius invention for pasta lovers.

Magnets are Your Friend

Many RVers wholeheartedly agree: magnets are a godsend. Affixing strong magnets to lightweight household items such as knives and the spice rack. Put your spices in small metal containers and attach them to a magnetic sheet on your wall, cabinet, or refrigerator. Same with knives and other kitchen utensils; it’s a great way to keep these items within easy reach.

These handy RV organization tips will keep your tight space looking inviting and clutter free.

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