The Benefits of Camping In The Spring In Texas

Spring camping in Texas offers a multitude of benefits for campers of all ages and interests. From the mild temperatures to the diverse scenery, camping in Texas during the spring provides an outdoor experience unlike any other. The mild temperatures are perfect for outdoor recreation, such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking.


Additionally, the wildflowers begin to bloom in the springtime, offering a beautiful and diverse landscape to explore. The spring months also provide the perfect opportunity to go stargazing, as the clear skies provide the perfect backdrop for spotting constellations. Camping during the spring in Texas offers more privacy than other times of the year, as the majority of campers tend to visit during the summer months. All this makes for an enjoyable and memorable camping experience.


Reasons to Camp in the Spring

Smaller Crowds

Camping has exploded in the last couple of years. According to KOA’S NORTH AMERICAN CAMPING REPORT, in 2020 there were more than 94.5 million camper households in the United States and Canada. And in the U.S., 10.1 million households camped for the first time. We are thrilled to see the numbers of how many new people have taken up this incredible hobby, as we want as many people to enjoy the beauty and healing of nature as possible.

More Mild Weather

As mentioned above, the weather in the summer is more predictable, but it is more predictably hot. And in some parts of the country, it can get way too hot in the summer to be able to enjoy your camping experience. You may also find yourself fighting the battle of humidity in the summer, which is not a fun experience if you’re tent camping and wake up sticky every 10 minutes.

Though you may get caught in some rain while camping in the spring, you can prepare for that with the right gear. Grab an extra coat, your waterproof boots, a solid tent fly or tarp, and you should be ready to rock and roll even when the storm comes.


Fewer Bugs

As much as we love summer, there is one thing that makes it a tough season (aside from the heat and humidity) and that is the bugs. In the summer, it can feel as if you can’t go anywhere without a mosquito, bee, or something else buzzing in your ear. And that can get quite irritating. Avoid this by going in the spring when bugs just won’t bug you as much. You won’t be completely free of them, but if you forget your bug spray at home you’ll probably be fine (which certainly isn’t the case for the summer).

Blooming Flowers

The sight of seeing nature come alive again after winter is one of the most incredible things to experience. Spring is the season of rebirth – when nature sheds her winter skin and blossoms into all the beautiful colors.


Flourishing Wildlife

Just like the flowers awaking from their winter slumber, the animals in the spring also come alive from their hibernation. Though not all animals technically hibernate, they do tend to lay lower in the winter and hide more than usual.

When the temperatures warm up in the spring, your chances of seeing wildlife while out camping are much greater. In addition to that, spring is the time of year that many new animals are born, so you may have the chance to see and capture in photos some cute young wildlife.

As much as you may be excited about the wildlife, always be sure to enjoy them from afar. Getting too close to animals is actually a federal offense, so in order to keep yourself from getting in trouble with the law (and also to keep yourself free from danger), steer clear. The National Park Service requires that you stay at least 100 feet away from bears, wolves, and other predators, and at least 25 feet away from bison, elk and other wildlife.


It’s Less Expensive

Because summer is the most popular time of the year to camp, you may find that prices for all sorts of things are higher. Gas prices tend to be higher in the summer, campground reservations are often higher, and food may be more expensive too.

By going camping in the spring, you take advantage of lower prices of all the above which allows you to enjoy more camping experiences. Rather than one big summer camping trip, you may get to enjoy a few spring camping trips.


Tips for Spring Camping

Have we convinced you yet that spring is the best time of the year to go camping? We hope so!

Now that you’re ready to bring more spring camping into your life, let’s get into some quick tips to help ensure that your spring camping experience is a great one that keeps you coming back for more.

  1. Go for a practice run. Before you head out into the wild with your new gear, try it out at home, or somewhere nearby. It’s better for you to catch any potential problems with a test run than when you’re out camping for real.
  2. Think ahead. Stay on top of the weather as the departure date gets closer for your trip, and keep checking online to get more updated information.
  3. Dress for unpredictable weather. This means packing lots of layers and, as mentioned above, also checking the weather to see what’s in the forecast.
  4. Stay dry. Hypothermia is something people only think about in the winter, but it can happen in the spring, too. You will want to get as much waterproof gear as possible to protect you from the wet while you’re out and about.
  5. Bring bug spray.  Though the bugs aren’t in quite as full of force as they are in the summer, that doesn’t mean bugs aren’t around in the spring. So be sure to bring bug spray and Citronella so that you can stay comfortable.
  6. Prepare for mud. With the melting snow and the rain, you’ve got the perfect recipe for mud. Bring boots and shoes that are made for the mud and won’t have you slipping and sliding everywhere. Also, pack towels for cleaning the mud off of your shoes and clothes.
  7. Keep gadgets dry. We rely so much on electronics today for our everyday life and for camping, too. Keep them safely stowed away in a dry place when not in use, and when you’re out hiking, keep things like your phone in a base-layer pocket.
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