The Science of Roasting The Perfect Marshmallow

Yep, anyone can roast a marshmallow. Just start a fire, grab a ‘mallow, get yourself a stick, and slowly roast it. Or if you don’t have the patience, just stick it directly into the fire and let it burn baby, burn.


That’s how an amateur roasts a marshmallow.


But we like to think we’re a bit more nuanced than that. If you’d like to step up your marshmallow roasting game, read on.


Believe it or not, there’s a method to this madness. It’s called science. Whether you like your marshmallows raw, medium-rare, or well-done, this guide will help you achieve marshmallow roasting greatness.


The Roasting Stick

You may think that any ol’ stick on the ground will do…think again. If you want to reach ‘mallow master status, find one that is about the length of your arm with an end thick enough to carve to a point. Yes, that means getting out a pocket knife and whittling the end to a sharp point. This is where the marshmallow will go.


The Fire

Everyone loves a hearty campfire with huge flames. But that is a marshmallow’s worst enemy. With flames like that, your ‘mallow will be burnt to an unidentifiable crisp. Wait until the fire has died down a bit to where it is mostly just glowing coals. That heavenly glow is ideal for roasting the perfect marshmallow. That way the inside and outside will cook evenly.


The Positioning

An integral part of the science of marshmallow roasting is where you hold it over the heat. Hold it about six inches above the coals to reach the perfect temperature and conditions for roasting. If you can, shape the coals into a cave-like form (arrange them before lighting). This allows the heat to equally reach the marshmallow from all sides.


The Rotation

To get an even roasting consistency, keep the marshmallow moving over the coals. Think rotisserie chicken – rotating slowly and constantly. Keep doing this for about five minutes. That may seem like forever in marshmallow roasting land, but it’s worth it! Patience is key here. The minute you get impatient you can kiss that heavenly fluff of perfection goodbye.


If It Catches Fire

If you make a faux pas somewhere along the way and your little white bugger becomes aflame, just blow it out and start anew. Give your burnt marshmallow to someone who doesn’t care how it’s cooked! Just be careful – those little balls of fire can be dangerous, so don’t go swinging them around – douse the flame immediately.


The Eating

You’ve spent a while on your little piece of mallow perfection, so enjoy. Whether by itself, on top of a dessert (we love it on top of an ice cream sandwich), or in a classic s’more. Eat the piece of perfection slowly and savor every bite!

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