Ways to Make RV Travel Fun For Teens

Teenagers bring an entirely unique perspective and set of skills to any RV trip, which makes the adventure that much more exciting for all involved. Engage your teens in the planning phase so they have a stake in its success. When people feel they have ownership over something they are less likely to protest against activities or complain.

Get Them Involved

Some teens will get excited about your family vacation plans while others might scoff. Don’t blame yourself; adolescence can be difficult for teens, making it easy for them to feel they don’t share as much enthusiasm.

To combat this, get them involved with trip planning. Teenagers tend to enjoy having new experiences; allow them to research and choose activities that will make the trip memorable for them. Involving them can also teach budgeting lessons as well as show what activities will keep them engaged during a vacation.

Plan what meals you’ll make together, and involve your teen in making decisions regarding grocery shopping for camp meals. Being involved will likely increase their willingness to try some of the same foods you do, or help create something themselves.

If they prefer other activities over camping and fishing, suggest they choose from kayaking, geocaching, taking photos of scenic spots or following a ranger for tours that highlight some natural or historical landmarks.

Doing activities together often makes things more fun and can get them more involved in campfires, games and other group activities! You could make their trip extra special by making sure that each tent or site features special accessories or lighting features so that it encourages them to go camping more often!

Get Their Opinion

Integrating teens in the trip planning process gives them a sense of ownership and control, helping to prevent crankiness. They can offer their opinions on activities and where to stay as part of the planning process. Furthermore, this discussion gives parents an opportunity to talk about expectations as well as discuss how things might play out on the road.

Teens tend to become hungry more frequently than their younger peers. Their voracious appetite combined with limited space in an RV can leave them ‘hangry’; therefore, it is essential that parents plan ahead by creating an outline for mealtime arrangements; whether this means one meal each or sharing cooking duties among family members, having a plan will reduce tension and prevent frustration.

As soon as you arrive at the campsite, there will be many opportunities to build bonds over food. Family meals together are great but dining al fresco will give your teens time to bond more fully – enjoy some s’mores around the campfire, and cook a rustic dinner on an open flame for lasting memories!

Are your teenagers eager for an RV camping vacation? A great way to do that is by inviting some friends (as long as they all respect the rules and boundaries of camping). Not only will this give them more independence, but they’ll be able to socialize with people of similar age while increasing excitement about what has already become an anticipated trip!

Teenagers may switch their minds mid-trip if their needs aren’t being met. By respecting teen vetoes and honoring them as part of a trip’s itinerary, everyone can stay happier – for instance, if your teen no longer wishes to join the hike or tour group, giving them permission to opt out will prevent disappointment and crankiness on both ends of the spectrum.

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