Why Staying In a Treehouse Is So Darn Awesome

Treehouses bring about visions of a fun childhood. But have you been in one as an adult? Lodging in a treehouse has been a trend for years and it’s only gaining in popularity when people discover just how cool it is to spend the night above ground in nature.


While spending the night in a treehouse is really charming, there are many other reasons why staying in a treehouse is so wonderful.


Live Your Childhood Dream

Luxuriating in a treehouse evokes memories of a time when we were carefree and full of wonder, with no responsibilities. They represent feelings that make us feel happy, curious, and comforted. As an adult, those feelings are magnified knowing that you can stay in the treehouse on your own terms and not have to be back in time for dinner.


Unplug from Technology

It’s true that today’s modern treehouses can be high-tech with outlets to power your devices, but that’s missing the point. Staying in a treehouse allows you to disconnect from the annoying distraction of your smartphone and your laptop. Take advantage of that! It clears your head and brings you back to simpler times.


Connection with Nature

Spending a vacation suspended in the trees is a wonderful way to connect with nature, leaving the madness of the world far behind. There’s nothing as special as hearing the leaves rustle with the breeze and the calls of birds while staying in a treehouse.

Calming and Relaxing

There is a time and a place for staying in a busy hotel in the middle of a city with lots of other people. But if you truly want to relax, a treehouse is an amazing option. Just one night in an oasis in a tree will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed throughout your stay.

You Don’t Have to ‘Rough It’

Today’s treehouses can come with every convenient amenity designed to pamper you with luxury. It is glamping at its very best! While there are treehouses of every level, the higher end ones have more than one floor, heated bathrooms, four poster beds, and full kitchens. You can choose a treehouse as simple or as complicated as you like.


Views that are Priceless

High above ground, it comes as no surprise that you will experience some of the most wonderful views. The wildlife, the trees, the breeze, and the sunlight streaming through the branches. Don’t forget to pack your camera!

You Have Privacy

When you book a stay in a treehouse, you have booked an intimate and private getaway. Whether it is a family trip, a romantic sojourn, or a solo getaway, you will appreciate being up in the tree and away from civilization for a little while.

Have we convinced you? Book OUR TREEHOUSE and see for yourself why everyone has become enchanted with this way of vacationing.

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